The United Leadership of Shambala endorses and recommends the following healers, who have mastered their craft and the art of healing from galactic to human cellular level. They serve all life on Earth in silence, and individuals upon request.

Katharina Adari


Healing Chants
These are audio tracks resonating with divine frequencies beyond comprehension. Katharina’s light-language chants guide you toward a life dedicated to serving Earth and the intricate web of life it nurtures.

  • The Unity Chant – Connects you with unity consciousness and prepares you for co-creation with all life that is.
  • Be Yourself – Strengthens your soul’s guidance as an aspiring Ambassador of Light.

Soul Mission Chants
Crafted exclusively for aspiring Ambassadors of Light, soul mission chants expose the quintessence of your journey. These chants serve as conduits for your soul’s mission on Earth.

Advisory and Healing Services
These include merkaba repair and upgrades; integration of cosmic aspects and talents; and many other services.

Sessions offered in German and English

Kohmahl – Raddix of Karca


  • Akashic Record Reading
  • Multi-dimensional Healing
  • Maha Kali Healing
  • Numerological Consultation
  • 1:1 Personalized Coaching Sessions on Akashic Record Reading, Maha Kali Healing & Professional Numerology.

Sessions offered in Hindi and English

Sean Fredericks


Integration: A core component of the offered energy work is Integration. Throughout our lives, multiple personalities (or “Parts”) are put in place by yourself as a coping mechanism to life’s experiences; collectively, these parts are known as the ego. Each of these Parts take on responsibility to act as protectors, managers, compasses, and strategists to help the individual (or Self) navigate through life. However, as you mature, these parts can become outdated in their approach and no longer serve the self as before. Integration work aims to allow these obsolete or redundant parts to be released from their appointed responsibility and absorbed back into the self or released back to source. The parts subsequent authority over the self is then proportionally balanced within the individual’s wider experience. The individual may no longer feel out of control in previously triggering circumstances, associated illnesses lose their grip, and the mind is less cluttered with the loud hysterical chatter of the ego. This will make room for the subtle voices of your guides, higher self, and soul, allowing for quicker spiritual development and progress. Integration is a necessary step to go through to successfully transverse the ascension process into the 5th dimension and beyond.

Quantum Healing Sessions: work on your energetic and quantum levels of existence, sending positive energy signals and packets of healing information (light codes) that interact with your energy signature at a deep root cellular level. This modality of healing can quickly release the physical, mental, and emotional blocks, stresses, and traumas that you may be experiencing. Quantum healing also allows for energetic recalibration of your energetic architecture such as your Merkabah, auric field and chakra/transmission centres. Such releases and adjustments can significantly transform your life, leading to greater health and well-being, love and relationships, and spiritual growth.

Shadow Parasites Removal: Astral entities can invade our energy field and are surprisingly common. It is vital to release these beings so that you can be free of their influence. This is a service I can offer (if the need arises) during our session but may require a follow up.

Sessions offered in English