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Book 3 from "THE SANAT KUMARA speaks" is available on Amazon & Kindle for instant download

For the first time since Lemuria, these 12 abilities provided by the Twelve-Strand Sun Diamond DNA are available to you now: to visit and be in your cosmic home; cosmic perception; to communicate telepathically; meet with your cosmic ancestors; ride dragons; raise your light; understand light language; read your Akashic and Cosmic Records; read your contracts; clear your ego chamber; read and program crystals; and to be in many places simultaneously. In his eBook, the SANAT KUMARA describes how this came about and how you can utilize these abilities now.


This New ebook was co-created by Kohmahl with guidance from God Shiva and The Sanat Kumara

Lord Buddha is Back

excited to announce that He has now begun teaching worldwide at Namas Youniversity

Upcoming Podcast Lesson 72 will feature an exciting message from LORD BUDDHA about the circumstances surrounding his highly anticipated return to Earth. On the 22nd of May 2024, he announced to The SANAT KUMARA about his return, and whom he has selected to be his Co-Teacher at NAMAS YOUNIVERSITY for worldwide teachings on enlightenment and integration.

official Introduction on June 14th Podcast


Meet the Co-Teachers

new opportunity for an In-Person meeting
with Namas Youniversity published authors

Co-Teacher Published Authors from NAMAS YOUNIVERSITY will be in the city center of Aachen Germany on the 26th of July between 10:00 AM and 12:00 Noon for the possibility of a live meet and greet to visit with our students. More details will follow as it gets closer.

A New Release is Here

This Light language ebook from YESHUA
is now available on Amazon & Kindle

This first book by YESHUA on the Language of Light, co-authored with Katharina Adari, gives you a glimpse of what’s in store for you, and it awakens your soul’s memory of how creation and manifestation are truly designed, how things will work again on Earth after you and billions of others on the planet have learned to recognize—and tap into—the mighty power of the language of the Divine Eternal Source.

"Be Yourself" Chant

these two new healing music tracks are
official NAMAS YOUNIVERSITY study material

The "Be Yourself" light language chant helps you connect to your Soul, your Divine Blueprint, and your Planetary Mission. The SANAT KUMARA said, "It is a primordial creation that holds profound value for all who wish to answer the call of their soul to serve the up-to-date divine plan. If your practice is consistent, it will take you to a point where your soul can tell you: 'YOU ARE READY.'" Do you want to align yourself with your Higher mission?

available on amazon

New book about the REOPENING of the Cosmic Communication Station in Hyderabad, India

The activation of the Cosmic Communication Station at the Birla Temple by Kohmahl and triangle of Light Beings on the 16th of February 2024 is a milestone in Earth’s history. Each chapter describes Kohmahl’s energy work and experiences with guidance received from GOD SHIVA, GREAT MOTHER KALI, PARANATHIA, GODDESS NYX, GODDESS MATANGI, GOD GANESHA, Elemental Dragons, Arcturian Beings, and many others.