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This is the SANAT KUMARA. I am delighted to introduce to you the MASTER TEACHERS and their Co-Teachers who will serve you at NAMAS YOUNIVERSITY in 2024.

MASTER TEACHERS are souls who are more advanced in their spiritual journey of consciousness expansion than the incarnated aspects of human and other souls in the third dimension on Earth. The MASTER TEACHERS and their Co-Teachers are committed to teaching what is needed to master the Shift.

The Shift from the third dimension to and through the fifth dimension takes place between 2012 and 2032 to prepare Earth for its intended role in the divine plan in our galaxy and beyond. Earth is supposed to serve as the 'Spiritual University Planet' of the Milky Way. On a Spiritual University Planet, beings from different dimensions meet to get to know each other, learn from each other and study new knowledge and subjects together. All galaxies have such a Spiritual University Planet. Earth is supposed to provide a hospitable and friendly environment for beings from the 3rd, 4th and 5th dimensions to study together.

The number of MASTER TEACHERS teaching at NAMAS YOUNIVERSITY has grown, will grow further, and slightly changes in 2024, adapting to the needs of our growing number of students in various cultures. Lord Maitreya has moved on to other challenges. He has been followed by GOD SHIVA as the head teacher for the Human Kingdom at NAMAS YOUNIVERSTY, who endorsed Lord Maitreya’s writings and will expand on them, together with Rohan Sewaney.

The MASTER TEACHERS at NAMAS YOUNIVERSITY represent Earth’s Spiritual leadership at Shambala. Under my guidance are leaders of Earth’s five Kingdoms (Human, Deva, Animal, Plant & Mineral as well as Oblan & Conree), high-ranking deities from various cultures, as well as representatives of our Off-Earth Allies.

We teach through Co-Teachers. Co-Teachers at NAMAS YOUNIVERSITY are incarnated aspects of souls like you, into whom we have walked in. For that to happen, their soul has moved aside for at least 50 percent to anchor us and thereby ensure the quality and topicality of our teachings. Some of us have walked into multiple Co-Teachers to take advantage of their different Library of Minds and acquired skills.

Below you will find an up-to-date list of MASTER TEACHERS and their Co-Teachers. The list starts with Earth’s Spiritual hierarchy at Shambala, followed by all other MASTER TEACHERS and their Co-Teachers in alphabetical order.



The SANAT KUMARA, the Lord of the World and Spiritual Head of Planet Earth, is both a title and a name. His task for almost 19 million years has been to orchestrate, supervise and implement the plans for the spiritual development of planet Earth according to the divine plan, guiding all kingdoms and life in all dimensions. On the etheric plane, he embodies ZONCRIET, the great deva soul that provides Earth’s vitality. The SANAT KUMARA is a Deva soul from the planet Venus. At NAMAS YOUNIVERSITY he teaches through Dr. Martina Violetta Jung.


GOD SHIVA is one of the leaders of the Human Kingdom and one of the three supreme Gods of Hinduism. He is known as the destroyer. He creates and transforms by destroying what is no longer needed to make room for the new. He is the husband of Parvati (also known as the GREAT MOTHER KALI) and the father of LORD GANESHA. GOD SHIVA teaches through Rohan Sewaney and Kohmahl – Raddix of Karca.


The WISEONE belongs to the ancient lineage of the WISEN. Together with BETHOLD, he co-heads the Deva Kingdom. His current focus is to bring the role of devas in Creation and the need for humans and devas to work closely together to everybody’s attention. Together, The WISEONE and BETHOLD have walked into the co-teachers Beverlee June Alexander and Sean Fredericks.


BETHOLD is the co-head of the Deva Kingdom with his own experience in the formerly separate Elven Kingdom. His focus is to bring the role of the elves in Creation and the need for humans and devas to work closely together to everybody’s attention. Together, BETHOLD and The WISEONE have walked into the co-teachers Beverlee June Alexander and Sean Fredericks.


TOTOFOOR is the head of Earth’s Animal Kingdom. He wants people to learn how to respect and treat wildlife animals and domesticated animals properly. TOTOFOOR has appointed two co-teachers, a gentleman for wildlife animals and a woman from the United States for domesticated animals. Their names will be revealed once they start teaching. In 2025, TOTOFOOR will also teach on the podcast of NAMAS YOUNIVERSITY.


MISONAS is the head of Earth’s Plant and Mineral Kingdom. He wants people to learn about the true purpose of and care for all plants and minerals of Earth. MISONAS has appointed Don Flynn as the first of two co-teachers. In 2025, MISONAS will also teach on the podcast of NAMAS YOUNIVERSITY.


CHRONASICK represents one-third of the leadership triad of the Conree & Oblan Kingdom of Earth. The Conree & Oblan Kingdom serves the Cosmic Communication System. This system functions like the nervous system of your body, only that it specializes in providing plans, messages, and travel space on behalf of the Creator and Creatress throughout the universe. With the fall of Atlantis, Earth disconnected itself from the Cosmic Communication System. At that point, the Conree & Oblan Kingdom left Earth but stayed close by and observed. Earth still has connecting points to the Cosmic Communication System, which need to be revitalized – five main stations and 27 auxiliary stations for humans and 1090 nature stations for nature beings and Off-Earth Allies. In May 2021 the first main station in the Octagon of Aachen Cathedral was activated for individuals to receive messages. In 2022 and 2023, all 1090 nature stations worldwide were opened again. CHRONASICK teaches through Dr. Martina Violetta Jung.


WOLWAT forms another third of the leadership triad of Earth’s Conree & Oblan Kingdom. He also teaches through Dr. Martina Violetta Jung.


The Japanese Goddess of the Sun is the highest goddess in Japan, the ancestress of the imperial house of Japan, and the highest Shinto god. She wants to expand awareness of the divine feminine power as part of Creation. She teaches through Dr. Martina Violetta Jung.

The BIG GROUP (Intergalactic Observers)

The BIG GROUP is a gathering of more than 400 beings speaking with one voice. The BIG GROUP is a liaison and advisory team dedicated to all spiritual university planets in a large segment of the current universe. The BIG GROUP provides insights and support on Earth’s transformation through the Shift and later as the Milky Way’s university planet. The BIG GROUP teaches through Deborah Flynn and Dr. Martina Violetta Jung.


Lord Buddha is the higher aspect of the incarnation Siddhartha Gautama, referred to as Buddha ("The Awakened"). He had left Earth quite a while ago after having served in Shambala as a Master Teacher. He only returned to Earth once a year during the second full moon in spring to bring new energies to Earth. He is widely celebrated during the Vesak festival at the full moon in May. On the 22nd of May 2024, he announced to the SANAT KUMARA that he has returned to Earth to teach enlightenment, which starts with integration in all religions and between religions. He has chosen to start his teachings with a co-teacher at NAMAS YOUNIVERSITY.


LORD GANESHA is a Hindu God, mainly known as the Remover of Obstacles. He is also active in providing means for new beginnings as well as a patron of science and the arts. He teaches through Kohmahl – Raddix of Karca, Sean Fredericks, and Dr. Martina Violetta Jung.


God Indra is the Hindu god of thunder, rain and war, also known as the King of the Devas. He fathered Arjuna, the hero of the Bhagavad Gita, with the help of a Divine mantra.


GREAT MOTHER KALI is the wife of GOD SHIVA. She is a revered Hindu Goddess, involved in the everchanging time, space, emptiness, creation processes. She destroys evil to defend the innocent. She bestows liberation. GREAT MOTHER KALI teaches through Kohmahl – Raddix of Karca.


She is the revered Mother of YESHUA (aka Jesus of Nazareth). Through pure love, compassion and support, she strengthens the renewal of the female aspects of life. She offers insights into the restrictions that life experiences have placed around one’s heart. Today, MOTHER MARY can be called at Aachen Cathedral where she releases burdens and restrictions of one’s heart. MOTHER MARY teaches through Katharina Adari.


Goddess MATANGI is a Hindu Goddess, one of the Mahavidyas, the ten Tantric goddesses, and an aspect of the Hindu Divine Mother. She is concerned with speech, knowledge and learning as well as music and the arts. Goddess Matangi teaches through Kohmahl – Raddix of Karca.


PARANOTHIA is the title of a Galactic Deva being working as the Deva of Humanity in the Milky Way galaxy. She is the liaison officer of the Deva world to connect with the human world. Each planet with a human population automatically has a Deva population. Devas and humans are supposed to evolve together in the Divine Plan. Each planet has a Deva of Humanity whose title is Paranathia. PARANOTHIA is the leader of all Paranathias in the Milky Way. PARANOTHIA teaches through Dr. Martina Violetta Jung.


WHITE EAGLE is a human soul with experiences of thousands of incarnated aspects, including as a high priest in Atlantis with the name Zodan, as the Egyptian high priest Is-Ra, as Mayan chief Ha-Wa-Tah and as Hiawatha, great Mohawk chief of the Six Nations Confederation of the Iroquois. As of 2024, he will teach what it means to be interconnected with the whole of the Divine’s creation on Earth. WHITE EAGLE teaches through Don Flynn.


YESHUA is more widely known as Jesus of Nazareth. His name, however, is Yeshua. He was born into a Jewish family and worked as a Jewish rabbi. His name became Jesus after the year 325. Today, he works with religious and non-religious groups to support the current spiritual development of humanity. He wants to enlighten the members of the human family about their true relationship to each other, to their souls, and God. He says his most difficult challenge will be to convince people that he is who he claims to be, not who people expect him to be. YESHUA teaches through Katharina Adari.


GODDESS XIWANGMU is also known as The Queen Mother of the West, The Queen Mother of the Western Skies, and The Golden Mother of the First Ruler. She is a benevolent and compassionate deity, associated with immortality, healing and longevity. She is a guardian of nature’s secrets. GODDESS XIWANGMU resides in the Kunlun Mountains (western part of China) on a cosmic pillar for communications. She is the wife of the Jade Emperor, one of the representations of the first God in Chinese mythology. Today, GODDESS XIWANGMU fosters divine feminine qualities, bringing them into balance with the divine masculine. She teaches through Dr. Martina Violetta Jung.

List of co-teachers


Katharina Adari
Representing MOTHER MARY, YESHUA (aka Jesus), and GOD INDRA


Sean Fredericks


Beverlee June Alexander
Representing The WISEONE and BETHOLD


Rotimi Moses
Representing MOTHER MARY and YESHUA


Kohmahl - Raddix of Karca


Rohan Sewaney
Representing GOD SHIVA


Deborah Flynn
Representing The BIG GROUP


Don Flynn
Representing MISONAS and WHITE EAGLE


Dr. Martina Violetta Jung